Specialized Vision Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

Eye Rx offers a wide variety of specialty vision services to meet your needs.

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Myopia Control

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common and easily corrected refractive error. Myopia control can slow the progression of myopia, keep your prescription low, and safeguard your distance vision.

For more information about myopia and myopia control, please visit our Myopia Control page.

Dry Eye Therapy

Untreated dry eyes are more than just uncomfortable; they can also cause corneal damage. At Eye Rx, we treat the root cause of your dry eye, providing you with lasting relief from your symptoms.

For more information about dry eye, including symptoms, causes, and treatment options, please visit our Dry Eye Therapy page.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser corrective surgery can offer you the freedom you crave from glasses and contact lenses. To help you determine if laser corrective surgery is the right choice for you, Eye Rx provides laser eye surgery consultations. We also offer referrals to local laser eye surgeons and will co-manage your pre and post-operative care.

For more information about laser eye surgery, including the types available and the consultation process, please visit our Laser Eye Surgery Consultation page.

Digital Eye Strain

Individuals that spend more than two hours per day using digital devices are more likely to suffer from digital eye strain.

For more information about digital eye strain, including symptoms and treatment strategies, please visit our Digital Eye Strain page.