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Freedom is Near with Glasses & Contacts!

If glasses and contacts are becoming a hassle, laser eye surgery may be the answer for you. Laser vision correction procedures can provide you with clear, crisp vision—contacts and glasses are no longer invited to the party.

Just like any elective surgical procedure, choosing to undergo laser eye surgery is a big decision to make. That’s why the team at Eye Rx offers laser eye surgery consultations to help you determine if corrective eye surgery is the right choice for you.

A female patient preparing for laser eye surgery.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery


LASIK is the most commonly performed form of laser eye surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will create a small flap in your epithelium (the thin outer layer of your cornea), which is then pulled back to reveal the inner layers. These inner layers are then carefully reshaped using a laser, and then the flap is replaced when the surgery is complete.

During PRK, the epithelium (tissue that covers the front of your cornea) is removed before your cornea is reshaped with a laser. After the surgery, your epithelium will regrow over the course of a few days.

PRK has a longer recovery time than LASIK but does offer some advantages. Since there is no flap created, there is no chance of developing flap-related complications. Not having to deal with a flap also means that the entire thickness of the underlying cornea is available for treatment, which makes this procedure ideal for patients with thin corneas.

What Happens During a Laser Eye Surgery Consultation?

Let’s talk about whether laser eye surgery is the right option for you! When you come into our office for your consultation, we’ll perform a series of tests to assess several factors, including the size of your pupils, your corneal thickness, your general health, your family history of eye disease, and your current prescription.

If we determine that laser eye surgery is a good option for you, we’ll go over the benefits and risks of the procedure with you and let you know what results you can reasonably expect. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and work to ensure you leave our office feeling empowered in your decision.

If you decide to undergo the procedure, we’ll refer you to our laser eye surgery partner. We will then work with your surgeon to co-manage your pre-and post-operative care, and help make sure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

After Your Laser Eye Surgery

After your laser eye surgery is complete, we’ll schedule a series of follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery and answer any questions you may have about the healing process.

Let’s Talk Lasers

Book a laser eye surgery consultation at Eye Rx and let’s chat about your laser eye surgery options!

We also welcome walk-in patients. Book an appointment at our Chevy Chase, Maryland location or in Washington, D.C.

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