New Frames That Fit You Perfectly

Your glasses should be fit and adjusted by a trained optician to ensure that they fit correctly. At Eye Rx, our certified opticians work closely with our optometrists to provide you with clear vision and high-quality products to suit your needs.

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The Right Fit Checklist

We ensure that your frames fit you perfectly by following our Right Fit Checklist:

Frame Size

When selecting the right frame, you may notice that your optician keeps suggesting frames that are only slightly wider than your face. A well-fitted frame should have no more than a finger’s width of space between the arms and your temple, and they should not rest on your cheeks or touch your eyebrows.

The bridge or nose piece of your frames should fit securely and comfortably. This keeps your glasses stable and helps ensure that they do not slip throughout the day. Nose pieces are adjustable, so your optician can always make adjustments if your frames are not resting comfortably.

The arms of your frames should reach your ears before they begin to curve downwards. This helps ensure your glasses do not slip throughout the day.

Your pupils should line up with the center of your glasses to provide you with the best vision. Having your pupils centered in your lenses is particularly important for patients with astigmatism, progressive glasses, or bifocals.

Frames that pinch your nose, hurt your ears, or frequently slip down your nose are inconvenient. If your current glasses are not fitting properly, we would love to take a look at them and suggest alternatives during your next appointment or the next time you drop by one of our offices.

You can schedule a frame fitting by contacting our Chevy Chase office at (301) 841-6776 or our Washington D.C. office at (202) 659-2010 or filling out our contact form.

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